Headache: Nowadays everyone has less time and more work. In this way people do not pay attention to their health and the result is that their body starts having small diseases. Even if these diseases look normal, but take it seriously later.

Headache is also one of these diseases. Sometimes a headache gets so high that people start taking headache medicines. Later these drugs have a bad effect.

Therefore, it is better to take medication that home remedies should be treated for headache. Today in this article we are telling you beneficial home remedies for headache.

What is Headache?

What is Headache?

Before knowing the symptoms of headache, it is important to know what is the headache and what is its symptoms?

Usually when you go through emotional or physical stress, then this problem comes in the form of a physical reaction. In such a situation, not only the head, but the neck and the back also cause pain.

Nowadays the headache is a very common problem, but if the meditation is not given during the time, then this problem can increase.

Further in this article we are telling you the different types of headaches, which you will be able to find right home remedies.

Causes of Headache

Causes of Headache

● Very tight clothes and tight belts constantly put pressure on the abdomen, which often causes pain in head.

Long pressing the stomach in the inner side sometimes seems that the head will burst. To avoid this, wear comfortable clothes and do not tighten the stomach during eating.

● There is a pain in the head due to constipation. Due to constipation in the stomach, sometimes the walls of the intestines are destroyed more than the requirement of plasma, due to which the blood is not reachable enough to the brain, due to which the pain begins in the head.

● Occasionally there is a complication of headache due to pain in the teeth.

It is advisable to contact the doctor in such a way that doctor can find out the correct causes of this pain.

● When the head hurts due to stress, whole part of the head or both sides are affected.

During this, physical activity has no effect on the headache. This is due to contraction in the muscles and this headache is due to the long-term stress.

● By eating a lot of chilli-masala food, eating junk food causes problems in burning stomach and gas. Those who have more gas also suffer from headaches.

● Hangover headaches are mostly those people who consume drugs. They become addicted to drugs and when they do not get intoxicants then their head starts getting pain.

This happens because the use of narcotic substances has a stimulating effect on the tissues, causing the incision of the tissue to get stimulated. Due to this kind of stimulation in the brain, our head hurts.

Some Other Causes

● There are several types of headache such as sleeping for a long time or sleeping less, due to lack of sleep, headaches can also occur.

Sometimes there is pain in your head due to breakdown between sleep. In this way, understand your body's needs and get to sleep.

● Occasionally some medicines are also the cause of headache such as medicines taken in cardiovascular diseases and medicines taken after hypertension.

Therefore it is always said that, do not consume these medicines unless it is very necessary.

● Many times a cold ice cream or frozen cold drink seems to be a pain in the head. This is called Ben freeze, which is caused by drinking some cold things.

● Sudden changes in the environment, heat, strong wind, humidity are also the cause of pain in the head. Occasionally it may be with the sun's bright light, glare, fluorescent lighting, or television screen.

Dry and dusty, fragrant or stony rooms, which may have poor ventilation, may also be due to headaches.

Many times there is a terrible pain in the head even with a sharp stinging voice. This is called noise polution.

Types Of Headache

Types Of Headache

Not necessarily need a doctor and medical attention in all headaches and it is not necessary that all the headaches are normal. Therefore, we are talking about some types of headache below.

1. Tension Headache

This is the most common headache. In this type of pain, the person feels the acute pain on both sides of his head, like someone is pressing the rubber band from both sides. Due to such headache, neck and shoulder muscles become very tight and feel swollen.

Stress-related headaches can also be caused by exposure to cold air.

When the winter season comes and the cold air moves or when the air appears on your neck and head after coming in contact with cold air, this condition can also be a headache.

Physiotherapy may be quite beneficial in the headache caused by tension.

2. Migraine

Pain in migraine occurs on one side of the head. In this pain the patient may have trouble with nausea, vomiting and light. In this, the patient feels pain like sticking something in the head.

Apart from this, this headache is also used by certain foods, such as chocolate, dairy products, fruits with peanuts and citrus.

3. Cluster Headache

This type of headache is very fast and painful. Cluster headache can occur several times in a day, but does not occur for a long time.

Sometimes it starts only at a time, like - if it starts in the morning, then for some time it will happen every morning.

This pain can occur at one side of the head and one in the eye, because it also affects the nerve of the face.

4. Sinus Headache

Pain in sinus is felt in the front part of the head and on the face. This type of headache occurs when there is sinus cavity in the cheeks, nose, head and eyes.

This headache becomes more intense when the person bends forward or bends the head.

This headache occurs when cold falls, cold winds move, catarrh occurs, fever occurs, dust and soil pollution or any infection occurs.

Home Remedies For Headache

Home Remedies For Headache

1. Red chillies play a significant role in not only removing headaches but also in troubleshooting every type of pain and discomfort. Mix 5 spoons red chilli powder in 4 ounces hot water.

Now dip it in a cotton cloth and rub it in both the forehead and the nostrils of your nose till you feel a kind of irritation.

2. Almonds prove to be a great recipe for removing your headache. It plays the role of removing the pain, because it contains salicin.

Whenever you feel a little bit of pain in your head, start eating one or two almonds.

You Must Read A Small Story Related To Headache

3. The grapes juice works a lot in fighting the migraine. There is a story behind it also.

It is said that King Janshed of Parsia was very fond of grapefruit.

He once made a lot of grapes and prepared it in bottles. In all, he spread rumors that there is poisonous thing in these bottles. Once the king's wife was facing severe headache and was unable to find relief from any treatment.

Disturbed with the long illness of the headache, he took the grapes juice as a means of ending her life and thought of poison. She did not die, she was relieved of pain.

She often drank the juice filled in bottles. This made her very comfortable, then the king told that it is not a poison but a grapes juice.

4. Carrot and spinach juice are very effective in treating migraines. Drink 200 ml spinach juice and 300 ml juice of carrot juice. You can also drink gooseberry and cucumber juice. Drink 300 ml of carrot juice and add 100 ml of beetroot and 100 ml of cucumber juice will be very relaxing.

Giving two four drops of cow's pure ghee in the nose twice a day brings relief. Keep in mind that ghee is fresh.

5. You can also remove headache, especially migraine with the help of fever few plants. Research proves that this plant helps in relieving anxiety and relieves pain and irritation.

6. Apart from taking tablets you can also massage the head. It is difficult to massage your own head in this condition, but 60% of the pain is gone immediately.

You can also go to a spa and feel relaxed by having a massage from an experienced person.

Home Remedies For Pain

7. Keeping your feet in hot water also gives relief from headache. This is strange but true.

In fact, when you immerse your feet in hot water, it reduces the pressure in your blood vessel. If the pain is more then you can mix mustard oil in the water.

8. When the main cause of your headache is stress then try to keep a warm paddle on your head or neck. Gaining heat causes the affected muscles of your head to open and you feel very refreshed.

You can also use cold padding after you heat the heat on your neck and head. Cold cushions contract your blood vessels and this reduces the pressure on your most sensitive nerves.

What To Eat And What Not To Eat In The Headache

What should we eat in headache

Not only homemade remedies in headaches but also food and special attention should be taken. The direct impact of what you eat falls on your health, so it is important that you take care of your eating habits too.

Below, we are suggesting some diets, which you should eat and tell about some foods that you should not eat.

What should we eat

You must definitely include green vegetables in your diet. Nutrients present in green leafy vegetables can benefit your health in many ways.

People who have more migraine compliant should eat fresh green vegetables, because green vegetables have magnesium and magnesium is very important for migraine patients.

1. Drink Plenty Of Water

Many people take medicines or some healthy diets to keep the body healthy, but there is one more thing that is necessary to keep the body healthy, and that is to drink a lot of water.

There are many types of illnesses due to lack of water in our body and headache is one of them.

That's why most doctors adviced to the patient for drinking water, especially in their headache. Therefore, drink 5 to 6 liters of water in the day as much as possible and keep the bottle of water with you. Whenever you go out so that only after drinking thirst, you can drink water.

2. Food

Consume nutritious foods such as Vitamin-D, magnesium, and calcium-rich foods. This will provide a lot of relief from Migraine and periodic headaches.

3. Tea & Coffee 

Tea and coffee in headache

If you do not like to drink milk, you can also drink tea or coffee in regular quantities. It will also give you nutrition of milk and caffeine will also cure your headache, but remember that you do not consume caffeine excessively, otherwise the problem of headache can increase.

● Green tea drink is also beneficial if headache is light. Green tea contains good amounts of anti-oxidants which are helpful in reducing pain. If pain is fast, then you can add cinnamon to tea.

● Headache is also removed from drinking spice tea. As a spice you can mix cinnamon and black pepper. Using honey instead of sugar will also be beneficial. If you like the taste of ginger, then you can also add ginger extract in it. Ginger is a good painkiller.

● Drinking coffee in headache is also very beneficial. While drinking coffee provides relief in headache, but its excess consumption can be harmful too.

4. Eat Salads 

Include salads in your diet such as cucumbers, carrots and tomatoes etc. Apart from this, you can also eat fruit salads, in which you can add fruit like watermelon, banana and apple.

Prevention Tips for Headache

Prevention Tips for Headache

Besides catering and yoga, there are some other habits, which can prevent headache.

Your lifestyle also has a great effect on your health, so it is important that you make some changes in your daily habits and lifestyle. Below we are telling you about some such habits.

1. Complete The Sleep

Often our head hurts because sleep is not complete. Nowadays the problems of insomnia are increasing among people.

Many types of turmoil and tension in the mind cause people to stay awake for the night. There is also a headache due to not sleeping at the moment and getting up early and then staying in sleep all day.

Therefore, it is important that you sleep right at the right time and get up at the right time.

2. Do Not Be Hungry

Headache is due to hunger for a long time. Eat such food at the right time and do not leave any food for any time.

3. Oil Massage

Have a head massage at least once a week. Using this oil will make your hair look good, and you will also get relief from the problem of pain in your head. You can use any oil you like, such as coconut, almond or olive oil for massage.

You can also massage on the neck and shoulders not just on the head. This will give you comfort.

● Mint Oil

Mint oil is also an effective treatment to repair headache due to anxiety and stress. The powerful properties present in this oil assist you in running the body's blood circulation smoothly.

Typically headache or migraine is the main reason why blood circulation is not effective. Mint oil acts as the opening and closing of blood veins, with the help of blood flow. It also opens your sinus, which in turn leads to oxygen in your blood.

● Basil Oil

Basil oil is very aromatic and powerful. This oil obtained from basil leaves proves to be very effective treatment to remove pain from head.

Basil oil works to provide comfort to your muscles, so it proves to be very effective in fixing headache due to stress.

4. Meditation

Meditation along with yoga and exercise is also important. Whenever you get the time you should concentrate for a while.

Meditation is more beneficial in the morning and evening. This will not only reduce the stress, but the mind will also remain calm.

5. Sleep And Sit In The Right Posture

Sleep and proper seating are also very important. Therefore, try sleeping without pillows. If you are using pillows, then it is neither too high nor thick. Also, when you sit on the chair, keep in mind that your spinal cord should be straight.

6. Do Not Take Prompt Medicines

Many people have a habit that takes medication even in mild headaches and then gradually they become habituated.

It is important to know the cause of the headache first and then take some home remedies accordingly. If still not okay then get the doctor checked, but do not take the medicine yourself.

7. Stay Away From Noise

Do not listen to loud music and even if you are using headphones, do not sound too loud. You can get headache due to excessive noise.

8. Distance from TV, Phone, Computer or Laptop

If you are watching TV, then you can set a limited time to watch the TV. Keep the phone away from yourself before sleeping at night and do not use the phone at that time.

If you are working in the office, do not sit in front of a laptop or computer, but rather take a break.

Conclusion: Now before taking the any medicine, look at the difference by adopting home remedies and share your experience with us in the comment box below.

Also, keep in mind that if your headaches are frequent, then immediately contact the doctor. Always remember that your health is in your hands. Therefore, never take carelessness in your health.