With the heat and humidity in the rainy season, the weather often gets very cold. In such cases, migraine sufferers have a lot of problems.

Since this problem is high for women, therefore they need more caution in winter season. 

Migraine is the headache disease. Usually this pain occurs in the half-head, but sometimes the whole head hurts. This pain can last from 2 hours to 72 hours.

Many times, before the pain starts, the patient also receives warnings, so that he knows that the headache is going to occur. These signals are called 'Aura'. It seems like hammers are falling on the head.

This pain is so fast that for some time the patient can not even work properly. In most people, migraine disease is related to genes.

Women are more likely to have this disease than men. This can happen to children too.

How Is Migraine

How Is Migraine

The scientific reason for migraine is to spread the blood vessels of the patient's head and then secretion of certain types of chemicals in it. These chemicals emit due to pressure caused by nerve fibers.

Actually, when a blood vessel spreads during headache, it puts pressure on the nerve fibers.

Chemical releases occur due to this pressure, resulting in inflammation, pain and circulation in the blood vessels. In this situation, the patient has a very severe headache.


Usually, we all sometimes complain of headache. How can it be identified that it is a normal headache or a headache caused by migraine? Headache due to migraine is identified with 'Aura'.

'Aura' is a visual disorder, that is, visual disturbance, in which the patient can see the glowing lights, crooked lines, black spots in front of the eyes, prick in the skin and feel weakness.

Apart from this, there are other symptoms of migraine, grief, vomiting, low BP, light and noise problems. Under the eyes, there may be dark circles, anger and irritability are migraine symptoms.

Migraine can be judged and identifying one or more of these symptoms. But keep in mind that these symptoms can be of any other disease.

More Trouble With Women

More Trouble With Women

It is true that 7-8 women out of 10 are from migraine. Women also have migraine pain faster. There are many reasons for this, such as the Hormonal Change.

Migraines before periods due to the hormonal changes occurring during periods are quite common. During this, there is strong pain for 4-5 days.

Apart from this, there are many responsibilities of the house above women. Because of this, they think more and take stress too much. All these things promote migraine.

You must know what Lauren says on this topic. She says "she suffers from migraine pain in her menstrual cycle. By doing more work during the menstrual cycle, she started pain in the head, which was difficult to bear. 

She also says that due to heat or cold, due to excessive noise and even eating spicy food, I get the pain of migraine. So during the menstrual cycle, I try to stay calm and exercise restraint in every case."

Joyce, who has been troubled by Migraine's pain for more than 60 years, she says, ' I have found that by consuming orange, pineapple and alcohol, I immediately suffer from Migraine's pain. That's why I refrain from these things.'

Some Common Reasons

● The exact cause of migraine is not known, but genetic and environmental factors can have a role in it. In migraine trigeminal nerve, changes in neurochemical and imbalance in brain chemicals, especially due to serotonin, begin.

At the time of migraine, serotonin levels are likely to decrease, which trigeminal system inspires to secrete neuropeptides. Neuropeptides produce headache by reaching the outer shell (meningase) of the brain.

● Migraine headache may start from some food or beverages such as beer, red wine, old cheese, chocolate, aspartame, excess use of caffeine, monosodium glutamate etc.

How To Treat Migraine?

How To Treat Migraine?

Several ways can be tried to get relief from migraine.  For example, the best medicine for migraine pain is sleep.

Apart from this, the pain relief pills are available in the shops of medicines. Perhaps from them, the sufferer can get so much relief that patient can sleep.

In 1993, for the treatment of migraine in particular, a new class of medicines was invented which named Tripatans.

The Medical Journal of Australia magazine called this class of medicines "a big progress in the treatment".

It was also written in that magazine that " The discovery of triptones for migraine and cluster headaches is as effective as the penicillin on the infection caused by bacteria! "

This pain is not a life-threatening disease. Therefore, even if migraine medicine does not save the lives of people like infection, Triptans has brought relief to those people who have been suffering from migraine pain for years .

Yet every medicine has its own advantages and disadvantages. There are some things in the case of trips.

What things? First thing, a pill of tripton is so expensive that you can eat enough food in a good restaurant for so much money. That is why it is not given to those people who suffer from mild migraine pain.

Know What Researchers Have Said To Get Rid of Migraine Pain

According to a research, people suffering from migraine can get rid of daily and frequent drug use.

Researchers say that establishing physical relationships during migraines can relieve pain.

According to a recent report from the German researchers, 60 percent of people troubled by migraines and people with generally unbearable headaches have admitted that physical relationships during pain can reduce the effect of pain and in many ways Completely helpful in finishing.

In addition to the 800 people complaining of migraine, this research included 200 people who are usually complaining of headaches.

Research found that after having sex during the pain, the pain of one in out of five was completely cured.

According to a researcher, "Most people usually do not intercourse during headache, because at that time their mind remains unstable, which causes irritability in their nature.

While sexual intercourse at that time may be helpful in getting rid of headache.

A researcher involved in this research at Munster University in Germany said, "We found that sex is helpful in eliminating headache partially or completely.

In such a situation if sex is done during migraine pain or severe headache, it would be better for the body.

Types Of Migrain

Simple migraine:   It is a headache that starts without any sudden. Before this headache starts, there are no signs of this emerging. As it is in other types of migraine.

Classic Migraine:  Before this headache begins, many other symptoms start to appear like a blurred vision, not properly heard, while seeing strange shapes. These symptoms can arise about half an hour before headache starts.

Rebound Migrain :  When the sufferers do not have the effect of medicines and if the headache remains intact then the dosage is increased.

For some time, the effect of these medicines can be seen but there is no effect of further enhancing the dosage of drugs. This pain can occur 2 to 3 times in a week.

Occuror Migraine:  During this migraine, the blood vessels of the eyes are affected, not the blood vessels of the head. There is a problem in seeing the victim.

This problem lasts for 15 to 20 minutes, then all becomes normal. But many people complain of light headache after this.

Ophthalmic Migraine:  It is also related to the middle nerves of the eye. There is also a headache and the sufferer also vomits. As the headache increases, some veins of the eyes become paralytic. In such cases the eyelids of the eyes hang.

Headacheless Migraine:  In this type of migraine, the sufferer does not have a headache but other symptoms can bother for some time.

This happens to people whose ancestors have been suffering from migraine.

Basilar Artery: In this, headache can arise due to pain in the brain artery. There may be trouble talking and seeing from this. More children than adults are affected by it.

Carotidinia: In this, half of the face is affected as part of the jaw and neck. This pain can also be severe and horrible, or it may also be less and light. Carotid vein may also have swelling.

It is found more in the elderly. The effect of this can last for several hours and it can be up to more than once in a week.

Home Remedies For Migrain And Headache

Home Remedies For Migrain And Headache

Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple vinegar helps to reduce pain. Along with this, it also helps to remove toxic substances from the body.

Apple vinegar reduces sugar levels in blood and keeps control of our blood pressure. It also controls our weight. Therefore, eating apple vinegar is very good. For this...

● Mix one tablespoon apple vinegar in a glass of water.

● Now put one spoon honey in it. Drinking this mixture daily provides relief in every types of pain in head.

● You can also increase the amount of apple vinegar on your pain. Instead of one spoon, you should use 2 to 3 teaspoons of apple vinegar.

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Elements that relieve pain are found in Pipermint. A study, published in the International Journal of Neuroscience in 2008, showed that fragrances of the leaves of the Peppermint contain elements of relief in headache.

Do not let headache grow. Peppermint tea can be consumed to get relief from this pain. You can also use honey in this tea as per requirement. If you want you can also do head massage with a few drops of Peppermint oil.

Ice pack

Ice packs are beneficial to relax due to Migraine or to relax the semolina muscles. Place a few pieces of ice in a clean towel and keep it for 10-15 minutes behind the head, forehead and neck.

Dip a few drops of PiperMint oil on the ice, the effect quickly happens. Use whenever you need it. You can also use hot and cold compressor as alternate.


Omega 3 fatty acids are found in fish. Which is beneficial for the body in many cases. Omega 3 fatty acids reduce the pain of migraine and reduces the sensation.


It is revealed in a new research that drinking water to the patients suffering from headache provides considerable relief. It is noteworthy that scientists from the Masterichat University of Netherlands found that drinking seven glasses of water per day provides relief in every types of pain in head.


Fat-free milk or the use of these products can provide relief in migraine. Such products contain vitamin B (riboflavin) in large amounts, thus strengthening body cells. Head cells become weak when they do not get energy and the problem of headache starts.

Eat Leafy Vegetables

A person suffering from migraine should consume more green leafy vegetables. Magnesium is found abundant in leafy vegetables.

Magnesium provides relief pain in the body. Apart from this, you can also use whole grains like porridge, sea creatures, etc. for intake magnesium.

Grape Juice

Yes, you would be surprised to know that grape juice can provide relief to headache. Grind water and fresh grapes to make grape juice in the house.

To get relief from pain, drink it twice a day. It is the powerhouse of fiber, vitamin A and c, which also contains a considerable amount of carbohydrate. It is also a famous antioxidant citrus fruit and home remedies to get rid of migraine's pain.

Sleep Well

It is important for migraine patients to take their full sleep every day. If you know the problem of migraine, then increase your sleep time regularly. Such patients get relief from taking sleep. If you get a deep sleep, then it gives plenty of rest in migraine.

Reduce The Amount Of Caffeine

When you feel that you are getting migraine, limit the amount of caffeine to control the condition, but it is not for those who are addicted to caffeine.

Healthy Diet

The lack of magnesium in food causes headache and migraine. Therefore, we must include adequate amounts of magnesium in our food.

Magnesium is found in adequate amounts in almonds, sesame seeds, sunflower seeds, cashews, peanuts, eggs and milk. Therefore, we must include these food items regularly in our diet.


Yoga is a relief from many diseases. This helps in making the body healthy. Research has proved that routine yoga gets rid of other problems like migraine and headache.

Yoga also provides relief from stress. It keeps the body healthy, it removes both physical and mental exhaustion and does not cause pain and depression problems.


Ginger is quite effective in the treatment of normal migraine. Drinking ginger tea at the time of pain provides relief in headache.

In addition to this, you can also put a small piece of ginger in your mouth and suck it slowly, which provides relief from migraine problem.

Take Vitamin B

Migraines occur due to brain disorders. These disorders are caused by the deficiency of Vitamin B. You can get relief from headaches by taking vitamin B. In your diet, you should include ingredients containing Vitamin B to prevent headache.

Stay Calm

If you are angry, frustrated or irritable, then stress in the muscles daily can lead you to that destination where it will become unbearable and take the form of headache. Anxiety, stress, and depression can also cause headaches.

If they are dominating your view of life every day, then get help from professional counseling or psychologists to know some of the beneficial measures to manage your emotions.

Avoiding in Migraine

1. Cheese

A lot of dishes are prepared with the cheese, which people eat with great passion. If you consume too much of the cheese, be careful, because the cheese has an important role in enhancing migraine pain. 

2. Pickles And Chillies

Pickles and chillies of any kind can increase migraine pain. It contain high amount of oil with salt, which is not suitable for health. So keep distance from all these things.

3. Sodium And Nitrate

Sodium and nitrate are added to protect hot dogs, bacon and some meats. But this consumption can not only cause migraine attack but also the risk of heart disease. So try not to eat them.

4. Beans

Beans are very good for health. There is a good amount of vitamins in it, which makes it easier to cure your body's nutrient needs. But migraine problem is that they should avoid eating beans. In addition to beans, tofu, soy sauce etc. can work to increase pain. So avoid these things.

5. Make Distance From MSG

MSG (monosodium glutamate) is a type of flavor enhancer which is mixed in a variety of foods. It makes meals delicious and tasty, but due to this you can sometimes get a migraine attack. MSG is found in all types of processed food, boxed food items, soups, salads, snacks, ice cream, chewing gum etc.

6. Caffeine

People often drink caffeine as coffee. According to health experts, high levels of caffeine are harmful and this creates problems like anxiety, instability, headache, insomnia. Migraines can be problematic if caffeine is consumed in excess of the normal amount.

7. Avoid Fast Light

The bright light is harmful for migraine patients. Therefore keep in mind that there should not be bright light, high sunlight or sharp odor around wherever you work or at the place where you sleep.

While sleeping, keep in mind that the room you are sleeping in is dark. Besides, you should also avoid direct sunlight.

8. Avoid Junk Food

Migraine sufferers should stay away from junk food, fast food and canned food. The ingredients found in paneer, cheese, chocolate, noodles, maggi and bananas etc. can increase the pain of migraine. These types of patients should eat as much homemade food as possible.

9. Avoid Smoking

If you are smoking, you are stimulating your headache. Cigarettes contain some substances such as carbon monoxide which causes headache. 

The cigarette contains nicotine which contracts the blood vessels, causing headache and prevents the liver from treating headaches. Quitting smoking will help you reduce headaches, especially if you are "cluster headaches" or headaches that occur in the intense cycle throughout the day.

Studies show that people who reduce their smoking often get much quicker improvement in the problem of headache or Migraine.

This problem can also be from passive smoking. Especially if you have allergic or sensitivity to smoking. If you do not smoke, but often go to places where cigarette smoke is common, you may also experience headaches.

Conclusion : Use your common sense while applying any home remedies. It can do more harm than doing good, do not use it without a doctor's advice. If treatment is increasing your pain or some other new symptoms are showing, stop the treatment and contact the doctor immediately.