Sinus Headache:

Sinus headache / sinus is a very common problem. By reaching the right treatment, you take a round of the eye doctor and physician, because its symptoms are also similar.

Sinus Headache Symptoms, Types And Home Remedies

Head ache is normal with the change in weather. But if the headache is in the same part of your head and it becomes worse after a slight change in temperature, then it is a headache in sinus.

When sinus infection occurs, its symptom is felt on the eyes and on the forehead. Many times the nose closes, fatigue, fever, swelling on the face and yellow or green mucus emerges from the nose.

You have tried several methods for its treatment, but in this article I have told you full details about sinus. If you read this post properly, you will surely get the benefit in sinus headache or sinus.

A brief summary of what we will tell you in this post is given below:

1.  What Is Sinus.
2.  What Is The Symptoms Of Sinus.
3.  How To Recognize Sinus.
4.  How Many Kinds Of Sinus.
5.  Some Diseases Similar To Sinus.
6.  How To Avoid Sinus | Sinus Headache
7.  Beneficail Home Remedies For Cure         Sinus Headche
8.  Common Mistakes In Sinus | Sinus           Headache Treatment.
9.  Homeopathy Treatment In Sinus.
10. What Should We Eat In Sinus | Sinus        Headache
11. What We Should Not Eat In Sinus.

What is sinus headache

What Is Sinus? ( Sinus Headache )

Some people are always complaining of catarrh, but most of these cases are sinus. So first of all you need to know that what is sinus.

Actually there is a lot of cavity in our skull. This helps our head to maintain light and breathe. These small holes are called sinus.

If only these small pores are filled with sputum and there is trouble in breathing, then this problem is called synositics. In common colloquial it is also called sinus.

Every year a large number of people get into it. Those who have allergic sinuses, they have a risk of a problem growing in winter.

Sore throat occurs due to the cold and pollution. With this, problems like nose closing, nasal bleeding and fever start coming.

If this symptom persists for many days it can be a acute sinus. But if this problem starts to occur again or after more than 3 months, it may also lead to chronic sinus.

So the question arises that why does sinus happen. Indeed, obstruction in breathing, increased nasal bone, allergic is a common problem of this disease. That is, if there is obstruction in the state route of sinus for any reason, then there is sinus.

Apart from this, many times the sinus stops cease due to the increase of sputum in the hollow hole. Due to the infection, swelling can occur in the membrane of sinus. This causes pain in the head, cheeks and jaws.

Sinus headache treatment and remedies

This disease is not due to poor lifestyle but those who work in the field i.e. for longer periods of pollution or related to wood industry etc.,they are more at risk of sinus or sinus headache.

So Let's Know What The Symptoms Of Sinus / Sinus Headache Are :

1. Headache.
2. Changes in the voice
3. Fever and restlessness pain on eyes.
4. Pain in the teeth.
5. The strength of the taste decrease.
6. Hair rigidity and graying.
7. The complaint of sinus yellow liquid falling from the nose is the symptoms of sinus.

If a person has all these symptoms or is happening then it means they have sinus. Now let's talk about this topic.

In fact, cold often cure after a few days. It gets better in more than 1 week.

However, the intensity of cold starts decreasing from the third fourth day, but if the cold becomes completely dry after one or two days, it may be that the mucus do not go out and remain inside, which can also lead to sinus.

If cold last for about a week and the rest of the time is fine, then the patient is not at risk of having sinus, because the sputum goes out through the nose.

But if you are often cold and it gets himself cured in two or three days and the sputum does not get out of the nose, or it can be stopped by taking the medicine, then it becomes sinus.

There Are Four Types Of Sinus / Sinus Headache

1. Acute Sinus 

The symptoms of colds in this type of sinus suddenly arise, such as nasal fracture or sputum shed from the nose and pain in the face, this condition does not end after 8 to 10 days, but it usually lasts for 4 weeks.

Acute sinus is often caused by bacterial infection and infection occurs in the upper part of the respiratory tract. Therefore, antibiotics are given for the treatment, it cleanses the sinus infections.

To reduce the swelling, nasel drop is inserted in the nose. But it should take
for only a few days. By using for a long time, the nasal surface has a bad effect. It also benefits from taking steam in it. Drinking plenty of water and resting can help cure the disease ( sinus headache ).

2. Sub-Acute Sinus 

The second type of sinus contains inflammation and burning sensation for four to five weeks and is treated as acute sinus.

3.  Chronic Sinus 

This type of sinus contains long-term irritation and swelling. The swelling of sinus is of two types: a swelling occurs suddenly, and ends in a few days. But in many ways the swelling occurs in the patient, and there is also pain in the nose.

It is necessary to clean the nose path in it. When sinus symptoms last for weeks, it is called chronic sinus. It may not be a fatal disease, but it does affect the quality of life. That is, the patient is always upset.

If someone have been suffering from sinus for years, then it can also change in asthma later on. However, this problem occurs in children between 8 and 10.

4. Recurrent Sinus 

If someone has asthma or allergic related disease, then it can be very quick recurrent sinus. It is treated almost like chloric sinus, but the thing to note is that doctors give medicines according to the condition of the patient.

In the early stages, sinus treatment is possible by medication. If it is not treated during the day, surgery is the only way to save it. For the treatment or surgery of sinus, you have to go to the ENT specialist. Endoscopy sinus surgery is done for sinus.

Some Illness Similar To Sinus ( Sinus Headache )

It is such a disease that the patient may have the illusion of sinus. Indeed, the symptoms of sinus in both children and older are the same.

In addition, the symptoms of catarrh, flu, asthma, COPD and sinus are very close. However, there is a difference between all these diseases and also know what the difference is.

● Cold 

Actually, cold has an effect in the respiratory tract due to viral infection

● Fever
● Headache
● Cough
● Nasal congestion
● Tears from eyes
● Difficulty breathing etc. are symptoms of catarrh.

There is no effect from eating antibiotics in the viral infection. It gets cured automatically five to six days. It is better to consult the doctor before taking any medication. Even steam can benefit from catarrh.

● Flu 

Besides, the symptoms of flu are similar to sinus. In fact, this disease occurs especially during the winter days. In this disease, catarrh, sneezing, cough, throat pain and body pain are its symptoms.

It is also viral infection, but the condition can be generally severe. Normal flu lasts from 5 to 7 days but the minimum may last for longer days. But pneumonia can stay longer for many days.

● Asthma 

This symptoms may also be similar to sinus. Asthma is a Greek wHord which means stressing in breathing. Asthma is a disease which causes the allergy to something in the human lungs.

In it the human's respiratory tube dry from the inside and there is difficulty in breathing. One cause of this disease can also be genetic, that is, if someone in your family has asthma then the next generation is more likely to have same disease, it can also be psychological.

Often fear creates anxiety inside the children, which later turns into a problem of respiration. Home dust, soil etc. can also be allergic.

Asthma attacks can also be caused by temperature change or infection of the flu. Asthma has a lot of symptom. The doctor gives medicines according to the symptoms and the patient is always advised to keep an inhaler for asthma.

● Clonic Obsectrick Plamari Disease (COPD) : 

COPD usually happens to smokers. Asthma attacks increase due to infections of bacteria in winter. In this, there is an infection in the lungs.

Many times the patient may have to be taken to the hospital if the patient is suffering from high oxygen deficiency. COPD attack is faster. The patient may have trouble breathing.

Do not delay this and take the patient to the doctor. COPD is treated with antibiotic medicines.

How To Avoid Sinus ( For Cure Sinus | Sinus Headache Problem )

● Avoid too heavy and padded furniture to avoid allergies. Make regular cleaning of your pillows, beds and carpets.

Also keep in mind the cleaning of the rugs and footboard. Stay away from the smell of perfumes and avoid air pollution.

● Improve your home ventilation system. As far as possible, open the window of the house and allow the air to cross.

● Avoid contact with people who have catarrh or some other viral infection.

● Do not stay too high or too low weather. Avoid sudden changes in temperature.

● Stay away from stress. Due to stress, white cells protecting the body become weak.

● Avoid swiming. If you have to swim, then cover the nose. Keep in mind that there is definitely chlorine in swim water.

● Clean your nose with salt water.

● Take special care of cleaning. Avoid bacterial and viral infections. Always wash your hands with soap.

● Drink 8-10 glasses of water daily.

● Drink tea or hot water as soon as you get up in the morning. Drinking hot things does not accumulate mucus in the nose or throat.

Beneficial Home Remedies To Cure Sinus Headache

1. Use Steam ( For cure sinus | Sinus Headache Problem )

Fill 1 liter of water in a vessel. Boil the water on the stove until it becomes steam for a minute or two. Now remove the vessel from the flame and keep it on a thermostat met or table.

Cover your head with a large clean towel and also cover the steamer. Close your eyes and keep your face at least 12 inches away from the water so that you do not get water.

Now you breathe slowly slowly so that the steam of hot air goes inside your nose.

Repeat it for 10 minutes and keep your nose cleansed during and after this treatment.

● Keep the children away from the water until boiling the water and steam out of the water. Get steam treatment at the place of absence of children.

● You can use this technique repeatedly every two hours. You can take steam every two hours or you can take steam whenever you want. Bring your face over the steam coming out of a cup or hot soup.

● You can find Herbs and Essential Oils (one or two drops) in your steam water. Spearmint or peppermint, thyme, sage, oregano, lavender, tea tree oil and black lavender oil have antibacterial, antifungal and antiseptic properties.

2. Acupressure Treatment (For Cure Sinus | Sinus Headache Problem )

Put light pressure on your forehead and nostril and the back of the eyes along with your index finger and the middle fingers in the eyes. Keep doing this for a while and clear the nose immediately after it.

You can also use some oils such as Rosemary or Peppermint, by which massage, you can open sinus passages. But do not let these oils in the eyes.

3. Eat Some Spicy Foods ( For Cure Sinus | Sinus Headache Problem )

Eat Some Spicy Foods ( For Cure Sinus | Sinus Headache Problem )

Hot salsa, hot peppers, and other spicy foods can loosen the nostrils in your nose, which can provide relief in sinus pressure. When the secretion becomes wet and liquid then the nose becomes very well cleaned.

Those who like sushi should also try a wasabi. This type of spicy toppings can temporarily relieve sinus pressure and help to cure your sinus headache pressure.

4. Drink Fluids ( For Cure Sinus | Sinus Headache Problem )

Note that you should drink more water (at least 8 glasses of water per day) because it will dilute the mucus and stop the blocking of sinus and sinus pressure can be calmed.

● Diluted mucus comes out easily. Whenever you see the beginning of sinus pressure, try more and more to keep yourself hydrated.

5. Use Small Tea Kettle ( For Cure Sinus | Sinus Headache Problem )

Like a tea kettle (teapot), there is a small pot that is very popular in the medical community as a way of cleaning sinus passage. By this vessel, hot water is first poured into the nose hole and hot water is taken out from the other nose hole.

Fill this "tea kettle" with warm water and bend your head a bit and pour water to the right nose hole and remove it from the left. Now, repeat this process from the other side.

● It is very necessary that the water you use is distilled and lightly heated (not too hot). After using it, wash and clean this utensils.

6. Face Fomentation ( For Cure Sinus | Sinus Headache Problem )

A similar beneficial effect can be found by applying hot fomentation on your face, which helps to open the nasal passage and relief from any pressure experienced by sinus.

For this, heat a wet cloth for 2 to 3 minutes in the microwave. Always keep in mind that you do not burn yourself.

7. Medicine ( For Cure Sinus | Sinus Headache Problem )

Medicine ( For Cure Sinus | Sinus Headache Problem )

It is also important to take medicines for cure of sinus. But no medicine should be taken without the advice of the doctor.

It is not beneficial for you to take any medicines without the advice of the doctor. By doing so you can also suffer from its side effects later.

In the early stages, treatment of sinus is possible with medicines. But if you do not take treatment for a long time then you may have to undergo surgery.

8. Turmeric And Ginger Tea ( For Cure Sinus | Sinus Headache Problem )

If you want to get immediate relief from sinus, then eat turmeric and ginger tea.

Turmeric has many medicinal properties and the elements present in it can also reduce the irritation, so that any kind of allergic and irritability can be overcome. Ginger helps you to open the nose and clean the inside of the dirt.

Mix one spoon turmeric and one teaspoon ginger with boiling hot water and put this mixture on the cup.

Put it on the heat for 10 minutes and then filter it. By consuming this tea, you will get relief from sinus headache.

9. Keep The Home Environment Clean ( For Cure Sinus | Sinus Headache Problem )

For Cure Sinus | Sinus Headache Problem )

Dust, earthy particles, animal hairs, fungi etc. are the elements in the air, which are considered to be the major cause of sinus ( Sinus Headache )

For this, you should have air purifiers in your house, so that the environment inside your home is neat. But cleaning of the filter is important every month.

Keep your pets out of the house and pay attention to their cleanliness. Cleaning the house once a week with a vacuum cleaner.

10. Avoid External Infections ( For Cure Sinus | Sinus Headache Problem )

It is important to protect against pollution. Due to pollution, dust and soil, people suffering from sinus have a lot of trouble.

Whenever you go out, put a mask on your face. You can use the N-90 mask. If you are driving the car, keep the mirror locked down and keep in mind that the ventilation system of your car is working properly.

11. Avoid Water Shortage ( For Cure Sinus | Sinus Headache Problem )

If you have sinus problems then know that there is a shortage of water in your body. You will soon have to get rid of this problem, otherwise a serious situation will arise.

You should drink plenty of water for this. Avoid drinking alcohol and smoking, caffeine, sweet syrup etc.

12. Do Not Eat This Things ( For Cure Sinus | Sinus Headache Problem )

Avoid eating stale food, sugarcane juice, yogurt, rice, banana, ice cream, cold drink, fridge cooled milk, chocolate, and tart. Do not travel much in the cold air or keep the nose and mouth covered.

When To Do The Operation ( Sinus Headache )

So the question arises when should the operation in sinus?

● When the nasal has become a wart,

● The infection has reached the brain and you are feeling pressure on the eyes.

● Sinus treatment is done in all government and non-governmental hospitals. After surgery, if your treatment has stopped, or if you stop taking the doctor's advice then sinus may return.

Common Mistakes In Sinus | Sinus Headache Treatment

Usually, this is the biggest mistake people do not get surgery when the pain increases. If catarrh lasts for seven to eight days, then people take some medicines to believe that catarrh will get tired.

Take antibiotics on their own. This reduces the catarrh for a few days, but later it gets more effect, due to which the patient may have to undergo opeartion.

What Is The Role Of Homeopathic In The Treatment Of Sinus / Sinus Headache

What Is The Role Of Homeopathic In The Treatment Of Sinus / Sinus Headache

To cure headache, many doctors give homeopathy medicines to the patient. By which the mucus comes out from our nose and we get quick relief in sinus headache.

Homeopathic physicians give these medicines in sinus headache / sinus

1. Kali Bivhromicum 30
2. Arsenicum Album 30 ©
3. Sambucus Nigra 30 ©

Note: This medicine should be taken from the doctor's advice. Medication yourself can be harmful for you.

When the problem of sinus is the first time, the doctors give this medicine for one to two weeks and if the problem is repeated or the disease is outdated, then the medicine doctors give it for 3 to 6 months.

What Should We Eat In Sinus / Sinus Headache

● Drink fresh vegetables' soup in addition to dates, raisins, apples, stems, oats, asafoetida, garlic, gourd, pumpkin, moong.

● Eat an amla before meals or after meals.

● Eat a spoonful Chyavanprash every day.

● Bathe with lukewarm water.

● 10 to 15 basil leaves, 1 piece of ginger and 10 to 15 leaves mint. Grind each and boil it in a glass of water. When the water is boiled half, then filter it and drink honey according to the taste.

Drinking it twice a day (morning after dinner and before sleeping at night) provides relief in sinus.

Caution And Some Advice

1. When your nasal passage is closed, you need to focus on keeping your nasal passage and sinus moist. But, many people think that dry air works good when the nose is flowing.

But the truth is that dry air increases the stimulation of your nasal passage membrane. Therefore, when going out in the winter season, cover your nose with cotton cloth so that cold air can not go inside the nose.

( Water is a very good source to fix any kind of headache )

Water is a very good source to fix any kind of headache )

2. Drinking more water is beneficial in sinus and sinus headache. But you know which water is good for your health. The water that is in your home or the water found in the market is not beneficial for your health.

Many research has found that, every day we drink water, a lot of toxic elements are found in the water that spreads disease in our body. Therefore, many health organizations advised to drink water by boiling.

Drinking boiled water will help you to get relief in sinus and sinus headache and there will also be no headaches due to lack of water in the body. Because the reason for headache is often lack of water. So drink water from 5 to 6 liters boil in the day.

3. When mucus gets accumulated in the nose then it is difficult to take breath and do not feel doing any work due to headache. In such situation some spicy food will beneficial for you and you will also get some relief in sinus headache.

4. The bedroom or the room in which you spend more time, windows should be necessary so that the fresh air outside can reach your body. In the absence of clean air you may suffer from sinus or sinus headache problem . If your room has an AC, then you must open the windows by closing the A.C in between. The risk of respiratory problems can increase due to excessive stay in AC .

5. Always be clean and clean the nose with warm water.

6. Do not drink alcohol when symptoms of sinus. Alcohol can dry up sinus, which increases the nose swelling.

7. Do not stay too late in the sun because it will warm your head and the headache will increase. If possible, keep a umbrealla with yourself while going out.

8. If possible, gather some wood and lighten the fire in a clay pot  and warm yourself. This will give your body heat and the accumulated mucus in the nose will also come out and there will be no problem in taking breath.

9. Sinus ( Sinus Headache) can happen to any person. Therefore, to avoid and control this, you must have information about sinus symptoms, causes of sinus headache and its treatment. Do not take any modern medicine without consult the doctor. One of your mistakes may invite many other diseases.

10. Once you have been able to identify the symptoms of sinus ( sinus headache), you will be able to treat it properly.

Conclusion: All the information given in this post is only for educational purpose.
Before taking any of these prescriptions, you must consult your doctor. To get relief from this disease (Sinus Headache), you have to take care of many things and especially you stay away from anything that enhances sinus / sinus headache.

And if you like this information, then share this post with your friends and if you want to know something or ask something about this post, then please tell us in the comment box, because your comment gives us the inspiration to write more well is.

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